Carbon Filters for Recirculation Kit PRH-0530

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$ 69.99

These recirculation kit replacement carbon filters will enable you to transform the Ancona range hoods from an exterior air exhaust to an interior air recirculation unit.

Allows range hood to recirculate air internally through specifically designed charcoal filter.
Allows the power unit to be installed without exterior ducting.

Carbon filter replacement for kit PRH-0530.

Compatible with:

  • AN0111-3011
  • AN0111-3611
  • AN-1130
  • AN-1131
  • AN-1132
  • CA0111-3002
  • CA0111-3003
  • CA0111-3602
  • LV01005
  • LV01007
  • LV01014
  • NN-1106
  • NN-1107
  • NN-1108
  • AN-1150
  • AN-1151
  • AN-1126
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